Adult Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy/Stress Reduction/Chronic Pain Conditions

Adults come to dance movement psychotherapy with a wide range of concerns. Many people are interested in working with a more experiential psychotherapy. In this process both verbal and nonverbal processes are used to examine the link between an individual's emotional and physical self. Nonverbal activities may include using dance, movement, music, breath, relaxation, and the awareness of nonverbal expressions, as a way to uncover and examine their metaphoric significance in an individual's life experience.

This is an especially useful approach for stress reduction, and stress related physical issues such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and rehabilitation from injury. In this context the adult gains awareness about how their pain literally and metaphorically influences their life.

First a movement analysis is performed to determine the individual's movement range, coordination and mobility. Through activities that focus on proper alignment, muscular tension-release & relaxation, increased body awareness is developed.

Working from the concept that the mind, emotions and body form a continuum, each impacting the other, the individual is then guided to explore conscious and unconscious images, metaphors, and experiences they associate with their pain and emotional stress. These images are then explored through dance, movement, body awareness activities, music and verbal discussion to bring further insight to their personal meaning.

Through this process the individual has new awareness of their pain/stress, gaining information about the role their pain is playing in their total functioning. From this knowledge the individual develops tools to feel more in control of the pain/stress in their daily life. This enables the individual to become more comfortable in their body, positively affecting their body image, emotional lives, and physical functioning. As they expand their movement repertoire, they will develop skill in managing and reducing their pain and stress.