Dance movement therapy and all wellness programs share the philosophy that the mind, emotions and the body are integrated. Dance movement therapy activities support an individual along the path of personal wellness and self-discovery by providing activities that enable the exploration of the link between one's mind, emotions and body through creative explorations. Participants will learn about the nonverbal expressiveness of their actions; how their personal movement style influences their every day functioning both emotionally and physically; and the continuum created by the physical embodiment of emotional stress observable in their posture, breath and muscular tension patterns.

Through movement explorations based on anatomical and kinesiological principles, individuals will experience an increase in fluidity, better balance and coordination and inner calm. Personal skills will be developed to better manage every day tensions and anxieties while experiencing the joy of movement and improved fitness.

All of these classes are based off of the philosophy of Embodied Parenting. It is a curriculum where you learn how to read your baby and young child’s nonverbal cues, supporting his emotional and social development. The activities you will learn in class are based on the rich and growing body of research from the fields of neuroscience, infant development and psychology that demonstrate that babies do best when they have the opportunity to freely explore their world through active, physical, live, caring relationships. You will explore the specifics of your nonverbal relationship to discover the unique nonverbal signals that you and your child have created to communicate and bond. You will learn how to use mindfulness, dance, movement, music, finger-play games, song, and play to both soothe and calm as well as stimulate multi-sensory awareness and enhance the development of your baby’s mind, body, and emotions.


Types of Dance Wellness Classes