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Ways of Seeing Dance Therapy Approach to Attachment For infants, children, families and adults (Moscow, Russia)

Alexander Girshon, program director of the Institute of Integrative Psychology and Professional Development and the Integral Dance Center

Course description:
FOCUS: the role of nonverbal exchange & multisensory experience in the developing attachment relationship, using the Ways of Seeing program. This method will be applied to both infant/child and family work as well as work with adults. It will be taught through lecture, video analysis and experientials that include personal explorations for the participants.

Ways of Seeing Program Overview

  • Utilizes nonverbal movement observation, dance, music, and play for the assessment, intervention and educational programming of children and their families. It is based on the principles of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), the discipline of authentic movement, and dance movement therapy practice.
  • Participants will work with two nonverbal analysis tools developed by Dr. Suzi Tortora. Movement Signature Impressions (MSI) is a nonverbal observational tool developed to guide the practitioner's observations about the child's nonverbal personal and interactional movement style. D.A.N.C.E. (Dyadic Attachment-based Nonverbal Communication Expressions) specifically focuses on the nonverbal elements that support the development of significant attachment relationships.
  • Focuses on understanding how nonverbal movement qualities reveal information about one's emotional, social, physical, communicative and cognitive development.
  • Ways of Seeing emphasizes that there are many ways to look, to assess, to receive information about self and other.

Contact, For more information: Alexander Girshon