What is Dance/Movement Psychotherapy?

Dance/movement therapy is a New York State licensed form of treatment recognized as a practice within Creative Arts Therapy (LCAT). Dance/movement therapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that utilizes nonverbal movement observation, dance, music, play, multi-sensory and relaxation/meditative techniques for the assessment and intervention for all ages.

Dance/movement therapists have at least a Masters level degree training and are required to have 2 years of supervised training before they are able to conduct a private practice. The national dance/movement therapy association provides board certification to their senior dance/movement therapists (BC-DMT). In New York State all trained dance/movement therapists must now also have the credential of Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT). More information about training and dance/movement therapy are available at the national website www.adta.org.

Wellness Classes

Offered for infants, children, teens, and adults.


Using dance, music, and embodied lyrical mindfulness activities these programs support and enhance each individual's natural curiosity and creativity leading to personal self awareness, building confidence, independence, and a positive self-image and body-image.Dancing Dialogue LCAT LMHC PLLC offers individual, group, couples and family psychotherapy for all ages, from infancy on, at both of our beautiful therapeutic studios in Cold Spring, NY and New York City.

Training Programs

CE Courses & Ways of Seeing International Seminar

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Check out our acclaimed programs designed to maximize fun and connection across the lifespan!

Continuing Education Courses

Whether you need to earn CE credits to maintain your New York State CSW, MSW, MHC or CAT license or just want to learn more about integrating embodied creative arts therapies into your clinical practice: Check out these courses taught by our team of experts. Courses offered live in-person in Cold Spring and New York City as well as online.

Ways of Seeing International Webinar

Interested in training with world-renowned infant mental health specialist and dance/ movement therapist, Dr. Suzi Tortora, while also collaborating with colleagues from around the world, all in the comfort of your own home?  Dr. Tortora’s two-year Ways of Seeing International Webinar will not only deepen your clinical practice but will change the way that you see the world.