Jenn Whitley Headshot.jpg

Jennifer Whitley

M.S., BC-DMT, LCAT, CMA, Reiki Practitioner

Healing is a process and should include the body.  Our body's wisdom is important when discovering our whole self, who we are, and what we've been through.  My passions are deeply rooted in the embodiment of a person’s experiences, using movement in the creative process as a tool to gain understanding of the individual and how early relationships and experiences shape an individual's story.  I recognize that using the Ways of Seeing approach at Dancing Dialogue provides children and families the Body-Mind-Emotion awareness that is key in creating an embodied life enriched with compassion, understanding, empathy, and fortitude. 

Jennifer Whitley provides dance/movement therapy for children, parents, and adults at Dancing Dialogue.  She specializes in providing DMT for individuals who have ADHD, anxiety, experienced family separation, eating disorders, learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, medical illness, issues with disruptive behavior, Bipolar Disorder, Parkinson's Disease, trauma, and also provides parenting support and grief counseling. She provides Reiki sessions, as well.

Ms. Whitley is a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist (DMT) and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist who received her master’s degree, with honors, in Dance Therapy at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  She is trained through the Ways of Seeing program at Dancing Dialogue and Certified as a Laban Movement Analyst from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies. She has been a DMT at Dancing Dialogue since 2014 working with children and families using Dr. Tortora’s Ways of Seeing psychotherapeutic multi-arts approach. Ms. Whitley’s experience also includes medical DMT at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, joining the Integrative Medicine Services team in 2012, with a focus in pediatric oncology alongside Dr. Tortora. Additionally, she works with children who have special needs facilitating group DMT sessions in the public school setting since 2013.  She taught as interim instructor in The New School’s Creative Arts Therapy Certification Program, worked as DMT/Choreographer for Angelight Films, and presents workshops locally, nationally, and internationally.

Jenn practices out of our New York City office.