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New Yorker Magazine | What the Dog Saw (Magazine)


New Yorker Magazine
May 22, 2006

Suzi Tortora is in the May 22, 2006 issue of the New Yorker Magazine
Featured in Malcolm Gladwell's article titled "What the Dog Saw"
Cesar Millan and the enigma of presence.

The subject of the entire piece is The Power of Presence – how the Dog Whisperer does it. It is about a dog trainer (Cesar Millan) who is brilliant rehabilitating and training dogs. Dr Tortora was interviewed as a movement specialist and was asked what she saw in Cesar and the dog's owners movement and overall presence that might explain Cesar's success – after meeting Dr Tortora, the journalist looked further into her work with children, particularly her work with children along the autistic spectrum, and wrote about that as well.