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University of Syracuse | Keynote Lecture: Movement as a Vehicle for Communication (Syracuse, NY)

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Creative Family Dance Workshop
Private Sessions with Dr. Suzi Tortora

July 17 - 19, 2007
the Summer Institute 2007: Communication through the Arts: University of Syracuse

Ways of Seeing Dance movement Psychotherapist Dr. Tortora States: "Young children communicate, learn, and express themselves through their movements and senses. For adults – parents, caregivers, and professionals – it is of vital importance to connect with children of all ages on this nonverbal level. This is an especially effective tool for children with communication differences. Using the language of movement and the senses as an entryway into the child's world. Dr. Tortora creates activities that join the children, stimulate their social, emotional, physical, communicative and cognitive development, improve their body awareness and coordination and quality of life.

Contact Information:
Syracuse for keynote & workshop: - research - institutes - facilitated communication - training or phone 315-443-9379
To book private sessions contact Dr. Suzi Tortora via e-mail or 845-265-1085