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92Y Harkness Dance Center | Dance Therapy and Focusing (New York)

Dear colleagues and friends,

  • This movement improvisation and experiential focusing intensive course (3 five-hour sessions) should interest people from a variety of orientations
  • Dancers, movers and dance movement therapists
  • Focusers who integrate focusing into their work and focusing oriented therapists
  • Researchers studying nonverbal systems
  • Psychotherapists and psychoanalysts interested in the study of mutual regulation, attunement,  improvisation and the implicit
  • Child Therapists and educators working with children of all ages
  • What Winnicott called "nonverbalists" of all kinds-that means all of us

The experiential/didactic course will offer an introduction to two modalities:  dance movement improvisation and Eugene Gendlin's methodology and philosophy of experiential focusing. Each modality provides us with a different perspective on the concepts of attunement, mutual regulation, improvisation and the realm of the implicit. If your approach is through the world of movement and dance, you will find Experiential Focusing to be an extraordinary link between the nonverbal and the creative use of language. If your approach is through Focusing, you will see how bodily felt sensing is actualized through movement improvisation. If you are a  psychotherapist you will find direct applications and theory to enrich your work and orientation. These creative processes can help us to appreciate what is beautiful in our unique ways of being in the world. They also inspire us to use that uniqueness to create therapeutic relationships that make a real difference in the lives of our clients. We hope you can join us!

Sincerely yours,
Joan Lavender, Psy D.,
Suzi Tortora, EdD., ADTR, LCAT, CMA, LMHC
Miriam Roskin Berger, PhD., ADTR

Joan Lavender, PsyD;  Miriam Roskin Berger, ADTR;
Suzi Tortora, Ed.D., ADTR, CMA, LCAT, LMHC
Dance Therapy and Focusing

Gendlin's Experiential Focusing is a bodily-centered therapy process which gives you access to a deep level of knowing, leading to inner transformation you can feel immediately and apply to your life.  While most approaches to therapy are based on the assumption that it is good to be more "in touch" with yourself, Focusing teaches you how to do this. Focusing is a highly-regarded and well-researched process that has been shown to correlate with positive life change, enhanced self-esteem, and the experience of integration and wholeness. This workshop will explore the relationship from the dimension of Focusing to the world of movement and dance improvisation. Identify felt senses (as distinct from emotions) in your body. Enable the felt sense to communicate its message to you, from the edge of your awareness. Use dance movement improvisation and felt sensing together for healing.

3 sessions – $250
Call to register 212 415-5500