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Coming Back to Self Authentic Movement Workshop (Cold Spring)

Teacher – Suzi Tortora
An inner focusing movement meditation practice involving listening to your body & allowing your body to move you

Authentic Movement is a type of mediation that occurs by closing your eyes and listening to your body – as you listen to your body with this inward focus, you will find a natural state – through an unfolding process that can be active, taking you through the room; or deeply internal, where you may not be moving in any perceivable way to your outside observer. This observer is called the witness. The experience occurs in pairs. One person moves while another person witnesses, from a place of respect and attunement. The witness stays attuned to his/ her inner experiences & reactions to your movements. It is an active place of observing. After your movement experience you both have the opportunity to process and share your experiences, through art work, writing and talking. Verbal sharing is done in a very particular way, respecting that you always have the options to not share your experience. The witness never assumes s/he knows what your experience is for you, but rather explains the images and sensations that have come up for her or him. As you listen, you attend to your reactions, to see if any of these images resonate with your experience. Then you switch, with your witness moving and you witnessing.

Experienced in a group setting, the witnesses sit in a circle around a clear open space in which the movers move. Several movers are moving simultaneously, with their respective witnesses attending to them personally. All moving together with eyes closed or inwardly focused, can be quite a profound process. Unknowingly movers will often pick up on each others actions, moving in synchrony and harmony. Often, as you stay attuned to yourself,  sub-conscious and unconscious material will rise to your consciousness through your felt-sense. It is a very respectful and insightful process that involves deeply listening & allowing you to be "seen" by another.

This Coming Back to Self workshop series invites both experienced and new explorers of movement meditation to dialogue with their "sensational voice" as it unfolds their life story. Processing elements include breath awareness, journaling, music, poetry and art media.

Fee: $40 for 1 session; $70 for both sessions
Call or e-mail: questions - register - directions