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Using Movement to Support Your Child's Development (Cold Spring)

Dr. Suzi Tortora
Using Movement to Support Your Child's Development (while having fun)!

  • Want to play more with your children?
  • Would you like to better "read" your child's body expressions?
  • Searching for ways to interact with your child who has communication issues?

Dr. Suzi Tortora uses movement and the senses to connect with the children, stimulate their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development, and improve their quality of life. This workshop will provide useful information and hands-on experience for parents of young children, with and without special needs.

"Young children communicate, learn, and express themselves through their movements and senses. For adults – parents, caregivers, and professionals – it is of vital importance to connect with children on this nonverbal level."

Tortora's book, The Dancing Dialogue: Using the Communicative Power of Movement with Young Children, explains how nonverbal cues can uncover critical information about emotional, social, physical, communicative, and cognitive development in ages 0-7 years.

Join us for an evening of fun and relaxation!

Suzi Tortora Parent Night
$10 per adult
Register EARLY Seating is Limited!
Deadline: Monday 6/1/09
Register EARLY Seating is Limited!

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