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Trauma, Stress and Postpartum Depression | Moving From Within (Freising, Germany)

A Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Suzi Tortora
Trauma, Stress and Postpartum Depression

Dear Prospective Participants!

After our very successful first congress in 2007, due to the interesting contributions, the beautiful location, and fruitful international exchange, I am very pleased to announce the second international conference on movement analysis, Moving from Within. The second congress, as the previous one, is aimed at interested people from the fields of dance, therapy, education, and science. This time the focus of the congress will be on movement analysis of interactions.

What can we learn from movement during interactions between caregivers and children, couples, or families? What needs to happen on a body level in order to shape or maintain attachment?

In order to gain insight on new aspects on the work of movement analysis, different instruments will be introduced.

We are not only inviting you to interesting workshops and lectures but also to an exchange with colleagues from around the world. On Sunday we invite you to a dance per-formance with a buffet and dancing afterwards.

Other keynote speakers:

Dianne Dulicai:  Nonverbal Assessments of Family Systems and Groups

Susan Loman:  Interaction with Children with Aggression

Dr. Fabian Ramseyer: Synchronisation of Nonverbal Interaction in Psychotherapy