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American Dance Therapy Association 45th Annual Conference | The Essential Role of the body in the Parent-Child Relationship (Brooklyn, NY)


Suzi Tortora
The Essential Role of the body in the
Parent-Child Relationship:
Nonverbal Analysis of Attachment

A comprehensive review of research discussing the infant's experiences that occur outside of verbal conscious awareness, described by Stern as "implicit knowledge" will be presented. Discussed from a developmental and attachment perspective, the important role qualitative aspects of nonverbal expression and exchange with be highlighted using a parent-infant attachment relationship analysis system.

Marian Chace Foundation Lecture
Saturday, September 25
Suzi Tortora
The need to be seen – From Winnicott to the Mirror Neuron System
DMT Comes of Age

Saturday, September 25
Nancy Beardall, Catherine McCoubrey, Carol-Lynne Moore, and Suzi Tortora
An Interactive/Experiential Panel: Exploring "Movement Thinking,"
Labananalysis and DMT

Continuing in the tradition of presenting a yearly Labananalysis panel, this year's panelists will present material and experiential exercises applying movement thinking and problem solving approaches to training DMT students, clinical practice and research.

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