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The New ABCs – Attention, Balance and Compassion | Implementing mindfulness technique in educational settings (New York, NY)

Implementing mindfulness technique in educational settings, Pre-K – 12

For over a decade, presenters Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of the Mindful Child (Free Press, 2010) and Dr. Suzi Tortora, author of Dancing Dialogue (Brooks, 2005) have worked to integrate contemporary dance movement therapy techniques with classical mindfulness practice.

This interactive lecture provides an opportunity for students, educators, health professionals, administrators and parents to learn from each other.

It will:

  • Explore the relationship between theory, practice and research of mindfulness practices
    in educational contexts
  • Provide an opportunity for you to strengthen and support how you communicate and teach
    with activities that develop greater mind-body awareness, compassionate life skills and help manage stress
  • Introduce ways to bring attention, balance and compassion into your personal and
    professional lives

For more information: Teachers College, Columbia University

View the video of the Workshop