Lullaby Dance Project

In honor of Infant Mental Health Week... Rock with Me! Babies From Around the World Lead the Dance! presents a Dancing Dialogue of attuned connection based on the Embodied Parenting Program developed by Dr. Suzi Tortora.

Press Release March 2012; June 2014; December 2015

Thank you for your interest and support in participating in my Lullaby Dance Project video filming. I conceived of The Lullaby Dance Project over these last few years while I have been conducting international trainings of my Ways of Seeing program. The Ways of Seeing program provides a variety of curriculums to support infants, children and their families from wellness to educational and private therapeutic services using music, dance, movement, and play activities. The Ways of Seeing philosophy is based on the principles of infant mental health, early childhood development and education, dance movement psychotherapy, authentic movement practice and Laban nonverbal movement analysis.

In these trainings I teach how to use dance, movement, music, songs and play to help a parent bond to their baby or young child. These dances songs both strengthen the growing attachment relationship and help the parent learn how to read their child's nonverbal cues.

A wonderful thing has happened in the different countries I have traveled in as I teach the Ways of Seeing method. My students have begun to teach me their favorite lullabies and playful dancing songs and games that are classic and contemporary from their own culture and country as well as the personal dances, songs and games they have created with their children uniquely within their own families.  I am learning a wonderful variety of dances and songs from different cultures. They may be used to calm and help their children to fall asleep as well as playful dance games to engage them.  It has become a lovely exchange. I am now starting to collect these songs, dances and playful games through videotape.

My goal in collecting these dances, songs and games is to create a body of work that documents the important role of nonverbal communication/nonverbal cues, dance, movement, song, and playful games in the developing parent -child relationship. I hope to be able to use this video footage to create a cross-cultural library for study, research and publication. 

Who I am: Dr, Suzi Tortora is a dance movement psychotherapist, Laban Movement Analyst, infancy mental health specialist, published author and international lecturer. She is the director and founder of Dancing Dialogue Healing & Expressive Arts PLLC - A center for movement, music and dance- based arts that support healing and self- expression.

Thank you again for participate in this video filming and agreeing to sign the consent form provided. 

Please share videos of your dancing dialogues using lullaby circles of connection

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