Pregnancy Wellness Classes

Dance/Exercise/Relaxation Program for Pregnant Women Awareness of Body and Child©

This is a comprehensive program which integrates both the emotional and physical aspects of the journey into motherhood through dance, exercise and movement meditation.

The A–B–C program is founded on the concept that motherhood begins before birth. This program acknowledges pregnancy as a time frame, during which the expectant mother experiences complex changes both emotionally and physically.

The purpose of this program is to provide the expectant mother with both the physical and emotional tools to create the best possible environment for her and her unborn child. This program draws awareness to the emotional and psychological aspects of the pregnancy process within the context of the physiological changes that take place throughout the pregnancy. Each class includes dance, exercise, movement sequences and relaxation techniques to reduce stress, increase balance, coordination and mobility as well as improve and maintain the overall physical condition of the expectant mother throughout this period. A unique aspect of this program is the discovery and development of personal creative dances between mother and her unborn child. By increasing her awareness of her pregnancy experience with her child through the use of dance improvisational technique, the ultimate goal of the A.B.C. program is to support the bonding and birth process.