Movement Analysis of Interaction (August 2010)

Bewegungsbeobachtung von Interaktionen – Movement Analysis of Interaction

by Susanne Bender, Editor

Publisher: Logos: Berlin

When humans communicate with one another they send on a nonverbal, physical level many multifaceted pieces of information, which are critical to the success or failure of each contact. We gather our first relationship experiences on a nonverbal level and a mother's ability to attune to her child determines his/her "being-in-the-world".

This German-English congress proceedings for the 2nd International Congress on Movement Analysis, Moving from Within, provides an overview of current research on movement analysis of interactions. What is the meaning of mirroring in therapeutic relationships? How does early mother-child interaction work? To what does one have to pay attention when dealing with aggressive children? Do men and women in mixed-gender teams behave differently? What challenges arise from dance therapeutic interactions with chronically ill patients and prisoners? International experts provide answers to these and many other questions in this volume.

Read Dr. Suzi Tortora's Chapter
The Essential Role of the Body
How movement and nonverbal experience inform implicit knowing and intersubjectivity in early childhood development.

250 pages, year of publication: 2010