The Art and Science of Dance/Movement Therapy Life Is Dance

Edited by Sharon Chaiklin & Hilda Wengrower.
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Chapter 9 written by Suzi Tortora.
The Ways of Seeing program – Dance movement psychotherapy in early childhood treatment.

"This exceptional text is a must read for professionals in the mental health, health and education fields, graduate students in DMT, and alled professionals who want a more thorough understanding of DMT. It captures the essence of this unique and powerful treatment modality and offers a rich and diverse cross-cultural perspective." – Arlynne Stark, MA, MAS, ADTR, LPC, CMA, past President, American Dance Therapy Association; former Professor and Director, Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program, Goucher College

"This is destined to be a classic resource for dance therapists and is accessible to practitioners from other fields and the public. It is a truly remarkble and unique volume that engagingly describes the transformative nature of dance/movement therapy and how it can generate positive behavioral and emotional outcomes that affect individuals and communities." – Robyn Flaum Cruz, PhD, ADTR, Associate Professor, Lesley University Division of Expressive Therapies, Editor-in-Chief, The Arts in Psychotherapy

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