The Multisensory World of the Infant

Suzi Tortora, Guest Editor 2004

In this issue of the Zero to Three Journal, contributors look at the many ways in which babies and very young children perceive the world and express their experience nonverbally in communication with their parents and other caregivers. The authors also identify the ways in which adults intuitively or intentionally communicate nonverbally with infants and toddlers.

Tortora, S. (May 2004). Our moving Bodies tell stories, which speak of our experiences.
Zero to Three, 24, 5, 4-11.

Tortora, S. (May 2004). Studying the infant's multisensory environment: A bridge between biology and psychology: An interview with Myron Hofer.
Zero to Three, 24, 5, 12–18.

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Format: Journal, Vol. 24, Issue No. 5

Pages: 56

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