Founded in 2001, InnerKids is a national leader in teaching Mindful Awareness to children in pre-K through middle school. Mindful Awareness is a state of present attention in which one observes thoughts, feelings, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting to them in an automatic or habitual way. InnerKids’ Mindful Awareness activities take into account children’s developmental differences, train focused attention and awareness, and acknowledge clarity and compassion as part of the process of becoming more attentive and aware. As world events become increasingly complicated, it is critical that children learn to view them from a nuanced perspective; something that can only arise from a calm and focused mind. We know from a millennium of experience in all contemplative traditions that to develop such a mind one needs training and practice.

In adults and late adolescents, practicing Mindful Awareness has shown significant improvement in general well-being, emotional reactivity, and physical health. Research on Mindful Awareness during childhood is in its infancy, in part, because age-appropriate practices have not been widely available. With the help of specialists in child development, InnerKids has changed that by adapting, teaching, and disseminating developmentally appropriate Mindful Awareness practices for children.

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