***MOTHER”S DAY SPECIAL!! DAD’s DANCE Saturday afternoon - May 12** Details Coming Soon

***MOTHER”S DAY SPECIAL!! DAD’s DANCE Saturday afternoon - May 12** Details Coming Soon


9:40 am – 10:30 am: Busy Bodies! Dancing Friends! (Toddlers-Pre-K ages 2–4 yrs)

Dates:  April 20, 27
            May 4*, 18*
            June 8, 15, 22

           *break in weekly schedule

Where:  Suzi Tortora’s Dancing Dialogue: Healing and Expressive Arts | 26 Main Street Cold Spring, NY 10516

Cost: $ 175 10% off - more then 1 child

Paying by check?  Please mail your check to the address above noting your child’s name and date of birth on your check ;-)  Thank you!


Busy Bodies! Dancing Friends! (Toddlers–Pre-K ages 2–4 years)

Exploring crawling, beginning to venture out. For the active child who loves high energy.

Including specially designed obstacle course equipment! Enhance and preserve the natural dancer in your child! This class builds confidence and self-awareness, develops body coordination, boosts brain power and advances motor skills as your child explores expressive dance styles and is introduced to the basics of creative and modern dance including: rhythm, musical awareness, and group cooperation.

Creative & Modern Dance

Dancing Dialogue - A center for movement, music and dance-based arts supporting healing and self-expression.  Enhance your child’s natural curiosity and creativity, self-awareness, confidence, independence, positive self-image & body-image, stimulate the love of learning and discovery, physical, mental, emotional, social growth. Based on the latest infant and child development research classes support your child’s growing body and brain, diverse learning styles, build respect and community through sharing and friendship, and provide activities for you to do at home.

Suzi Tortora's Dancing Dialogue classes offer fun ways to dance and play with your baby and toddler to support your child's growth and your parenting. Our new newborn Mom and Dad dance share classes to support this new transition. Creative & Modern Dance classes are developmentally specific to toddlers.